Lele’s cafe in Hackney are going fully vegan in December

Lele's vegan full english
Credit: @leles_london

Independent Hackney based cafe Lele’s are going fully vegan, launching their new menu on 1st December and offering 10 coffees for £10 throughout November to encourage milk-drinkers to try out dairy-free alternatives.

Lele’s serve breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch with a daily-changing menu of fresh healthy dishes using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. They also run monthly vegan supper clubs, and offer a vegan afternoon tea every Sunday.

Owners Valentina and Daniel originally opened last year with one or two meat options on the menu, but switched to fully vegetarian a couple of months later. After spending more time following vegans on social media, speaking to their customers and researching the dairy industry to become more informed about their suppliers, Lele’s recently made the decision to go fully vegan.

Valentina says “we were pulling the wool over our own eyes by ignoring the animal cruelty that happens at scale in the meat, dairy, cosmetics and clothing industries, as part of ‘Business as Normal’ for a lot of household brands. We soon realised that we couldn’t carry on serving dairy at the cafe. It felt wrong to live our personal lives by one principal and continue to operate our business by another”.

Lele’s are the latest of many London cafes and restaurants to ditch the meat and dairy, hoping to “inspire more people to adopt a vegan lifestyle by making it easier, more convenient and appealing by offering them a delicious vegan option”.

What’s on the vegan menu?

Vegan Full English – Fried tomato, vegan sausage, avo, sweet potato & toast

Vegan Shakshuka – Slow cooked tomato stew with peppers, spinach, roasted chickpeas & vegan sausage

French Toast – Sourdough bread with raspberry compote, maple syrup, peanut butter & coconut cream

Vegan pancakes – Blueberry & banana, or chocolate, hazelnuts & coconut cream

Sweet porridge – With homemade raspberry compote, banana, roasted cinnamon peach & mixed seeds

For lunch there’s also a range of salads, soups, superfood bowls, vegan filled croissants and vegan cheese toasties or sandwiches. Their famous vegan patisserie is available in store or at their stall at Broadway Vegan market on Saturdays and Victoria Park Market on Sundays.

Lele's vegan cafe
Credit: @leles_london