Biff’s Jack Shack takeover the Haunt kitchen

biff's jack shack vegan burger
Credit: @biffsjackshack

Biff’s Jack Shack are taking over the kitchen at Haunt in West-Hackney from Wednesday to Sunday until Christmas, serving up their famous plant-based street food.

The Shack are known for their mouth-watering menu of ‘filthy’ vegan junk food, including their famous patties and wings made from braised, crispy-fried jackfruit. They say it’s the “filthiest, naughtiest, hot-sauce-dripping-down-your-face-iest vegan junk food in the UK”.

What’s on the menu?

The Samuel Hell Jackson burger – Crispy fried Jackfruit, chipotle slaw, maple chipotle hot sauce, jalapeños, burger sauce & BBQ sauce in a toasted brioche bun

The Fatherjack burger – Crispy fried Jackfruit, smokey bacon jam, bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked cheese, lettuce & onion rings in a toasted brioche bun

The Jacksu burger – Crispy fried Jackfruit, katsu sauce, Japanese pickles, lettuce & tempura broccoli in a toasted brioche bun

The New Jack City burger – Crispy fried Jackfruit, Seitan pastrami, smoked cheese, sweet pickles, sauerkraut & Russian sauce in a toasted brioche bun

Vegan poutine – fries with cheese curds, mushroom gravy & seitan bacon

Jackfruit wingz – bourbon BBQ sauce… blue cheese & buffalo hot sauce… or cinnamon sweet chilli, miso mayo, nuts, crispy onion & coriander

Check it out for yourselves at 182 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7UY

biff's jack shack vegan
Credit: @biffsjackshack