Try the new Love Cocoa vegan avocado chocolate


Love Cocoa Avocado Chocolate
Credit: @onelovecocoa

It’s finally happened. Two of the world’s most loved ingredients, chocolate and avocado, together in one bar.

The bar combines dark Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa (considered the world’s best beans) with 100% natural organic pulp from the world’s creamiest avocado in Michoacán Mexico. Love Cocoa claim that “the avocado has all the same great taste, smell, colour, texture, vitamins, minerals (and oils) of the original fruit”.

Each bar costs £4.25 and contains 70% cocoa mass and 5% avocado pulp, blended with organic cocoa butter, organic fair-trade cane sugar and organic vanilla extract. Packs of three are also available for £11.99.

The Love Cocoa brand is all about sustainability, trading directly with the farmers to guarantee a fair price and working closely together to ensure that farming is done in an organic way. The brand is also heavily involved in the renovation of plantations, planting new, young trees to replace the old.

You can pick up Love Cocoa chocolate at Fortnum & Masons, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and lots of independent stores across London – or buy online.

Love Cocoa Avocado Chocolate 2
Credit: @onelovecocoa