Wagamama’s launch new vegan menu

Credit: @wagamama_uk

Asian food fans, it’s time to celebrate. Wagamama’s have launched a new 100% vegan menu, built around the idea that “meat free shouldn’t mean taste free”.

Wagamama believe in the philosophy of kaizen, meaning “good change”. This belief shapes every dish and drives the chain to continuously “refine recipes, play with spices and discover tastes”. With the number of vegetarians and vegans in the UK on the rise, the new menu reflects this philosophy and is another example of a big chain responding to positive change.

Dishes include yasai steamed gyoza (Japanese dumplings), kare burosu (tofu & veg in a curried broth), samla curry (spicy lemongrass & coconut curry) and pad-thai (rice noodles with tofu & veg) – and a choice of fragrant fruit sorbets for desert.

Other dishes are being trialled in some branches but haven’t hit menu’s yet, including the Nationwide favourite katsu curry with Seitan.

Credit: @wagamama_uk